Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Bon Fritay is well on its way to becoming the first Haitian food truck in the Raleigh area. Our trailer, constructed by Canon Built LLC, in Durham, is looking pretty good.

The exterior of our food trailer

She's a deep, blue color and will feature the best equipment capable of frying the best fried Haitian street food - or fritay as we know it.

This process has been a labor of love. We began our trailer search spring of 2018. That search took us all the way to Austin, TX, to meet with a Haitian food truck operator there. She, like us, is the first person in her city to introduce Haitian food truck to the city's residents. And, she, like we hope to, quickly outgrew her trailer.

The beginning stages of our trailer interior

We were so impressed with her business success. And we loved the look of the trailer. She tailored it after a "tap tap," the privately-owned buses that transport residents throughout the busy streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They are colorful and often feature the painted likenesses of celebrities.

With a few minor tweaks, we planned to make her trailer reflect our own aesthetic. After some negotiation, we planned to buy her trailer and trek it back home to Raleigh. But, it would have been a logistics nightmare so those eventually plans fell through the cracks.

A few weeks later, Andre found a trailer a lot closer to home in Wilson, NC. Yet, again, the plans fell through. We were discouraged, but still determined. We eventually found the right match.

A year later, and we are ecstatic with the progress of our trailer.

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