pronounced: fwee-tie

From pork to plantains, a platter of assorted fried delicacies is a staple in
Haiti's street food scene. Like many other Haitian dishes, fritay requires a
great level of patience and attention to perfecting the right balance of
seasoning and acidity. The exterior of each piece of meat yields a crispy shell
while the inside remains tender. And to top it off, fritay is paired with a spicy slaw
called pikliz. Our menu was crafted with that love of fried food in mind.
We hope you enjoy our taste of home. 
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She is a former newspaper journalist. He works in the medical field. But, their secret passion has always been to run their own food business. So, in 2015, they launched the first establishment in the Triangle to offer cuisine from the island of Haiti. Eventually, their reputation grew. They quietly set out to expand. As owners of the Triangle's first Haitian food truck, Dafney and Andre are excited to share with the Triangle their beloved "fritay," popular fried foods served in Haiti's street food scene.

Throughout the island, the streets bustle with the sights, sounds and intoxicating smells of fritay being cooked by street food vendors. Their goal is to capture that essence with their "restaurant on wheels." 

Both grew up learning the intricacies of Haitian cooking from their mothers. With a modern twist, they look forward to continue spreading the love of Haitian food to many. 



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